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Create 5-Star STEAM Experiences that encourage your students to be curious and to ask questions, just like scientists, mathematicians, and artists. 

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Are you tired of not being able to find quality STEAM lessons that fit the needs of your students?  

Are you overwhelmed at the feeling of trying to fit one-more-thing in your busy schedule?  

Are you done being "teacher-tired" and ready to be a successful STEAM educator?

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The Preschool STEAM Member Lab helps you spend less time planning for STEAM and spend more time doing STEAM with your students.

Imagine being able to...

  • Personalize your existing curriculum to fit the needs of your students.

  • Have access to Quality Early Childhood Lessons at your fingertips.

  • Spark student curiosity and wonder while still developing their critical and creative thinking skills.

  • Start creating STEAM Experiences that transform student learning.

  • Have the support and training to be confident in teaching STEAM.
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You could spend hours on Pinterest looking for STEAM activities or you could join the Member Lab and have instant access to over 200 STEAM lessons designed for young learners.

(plus more lessons regularly added)

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I get it...

You give it all for your students.

You try your best but the "to-do" list keeps getting longer and longer.

You’re always researching, searching for new ideas, resources and learning about how to be the best teacher you can be…

But this leads to being "teacher-tired" which is the fast track to teacher burn out. 

But it doesn't have to be this way...

That's why I've created the Member Lab.

The Member Lab is an easier way to create STEAM Experiences that ignite your students' curiosity and sense of wonder (while still teaching what you need to teach). 

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Everything you need to get started with STEAM is waiting for you inside the Member Lab. 

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Hi, I'm Jamie, founder of Preschool STEAM.  

I’m a STEAM educator and certified art instructor with over 12 years of experience.  

I help teachers incorporate STEAM into the classroom with my transformational framework, the 5-Star Learning Method.

This three-pillar framework helps empower educators to step into a new era of student-focused learning.

If you’re like me, when I was in the classroom, I felt burned out and stressed, knowing I needed to include types of STEAM lessons but I didn’t know where to start.

I would spend hours searching for new ideas and inspiration but I was disappointed to find that most activities were simply following directions and not encouraging students to think creatively or critically.  

I created the Member Lab to give educators like you the tools you need to successfully use STEAM to create dynamic learning experiences for your students.

STEAM is more than a 15 minute block of time or a one-time lesson. 

STEAM is a learning experience that encourages your students to be curious and to ask questions, just like scientists, mathematicians and artists. 

Inside the Member Lab you get kid-friendly, teacher-approved lessons PLUS ongoing support and training so you can be successful with STEAM .

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What You Get When You Join:

STEAM Lessons

Access to 200+ STEAM Lessons (Value $600)  

200+ STEAM lessons designed for young thinkers. Each lesson features photographs and easy to follow step by step directions showing you exactly what to do and how to implement the lesson with your own students.

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Easy Printable Lesson Format

Printable version of each lesson (Value $600)  

Each lesson comes with a one page "easy to print" format, so you can download and print.

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5-Star Master Course

Preschool STEAM 5- Star Experience Master Course (Value $197) Our signature masterclass on how the Preschool STEAM Experience can help you create 5- Star STEAM experiences that truly engage your students without adding stress and overwhelm to your day.

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Online Support

Private Member-Only Community

Share and build community as we foster creative STEAM kids together. Inside our community, you can ask questions and share with other like-minded educators.

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Bonus: Monthly Experience Guide

Monthly Experience Guide (Value $197)  

Our monthly experience guide makes it even easier to get started creating your STEAM Experiences. Each month we highlight a seasonal STEAM exploration, challenge, and investigation for you.

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What Other Educators are Saying: 

Your Investment:

Monthly Experience


Monthly Membership Includes:

  • 200+ STEAM Lessons
  • Preschool STEAM Experience Masterclass
  • Additional STEAM trainings
  • Print friendly formatted lessons
  • Bonus: Monthly Experience

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Yearly Experience


Yearly Membership Includes:

  • Entire STEAM Lab
    200+ STEAM Lessons
  • Preschool STEAM Experience Masterclass
  • Additional STEAM trainings
  • Print friendly formatted lessons
  • Bonus: Monthly Experience Guide
  • 2 Months Free

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